Fab Caffe

Fab Caffe

Food franchise ba ang hinahanap mo? :)

✔️ Patok sa masa
✔️ Patok sa budget
✔️ Pweding ilagay sa school and commercial space
✔️ Fast ROI (good location)
✔️ With own commissary and logistic team
✔️ Complete permit's
✔️ Guarantee your after sales support
✔️ Surprise visit of your cafe
✔️ NO quota, renewal and royalty fee.

Try our FAB CAFFE coffee shop!
✔️ Frappe
✔️ Milk-tea
✔️ Hot coffee
✔️ Snack's
✔️ Rice Meal's

At pwedi pa kayong mag add ng sarili ninyong concept (Pastries, pasta, cake, etc.,)

For more info, send us a message here or contact us at
????????‍????Drea Melo
???? Marketing Specialist
???? fabsincorporated@gmail.com
???? Call or Text 09565478845