Posting Policy

In the interests of clarity and professionalism, Juan Tambayan is prohibited from advertising certain goods and services, as well as re-adding the same model or duplicate ads, adding spam and obscene advertisements. It is therefore prohibited advertising:

  • Drugs, Psychotropic and Narcotic Substances, and other substances or medicinal products intended for prescription or are banned by laws of the Republic Republic of The Philippines
  • Erotic Service Jobs to live-chat, job offers escort services.
  • Fetish content as well as sites that promote, sell or  sexual aids. Examples include, but are not limited to:
    • Sexual fixations or practices that may be considered unconventional
    • Sexual aids or enhancement tools such as vibrators, dildos, lubes, sex games, inflatable toys
    • Penis and breast enlargement tools
  • Posted under the wrong category (You must choose the single most relevant category for your ad)
  • Ads posted from overseas: No overseas ads are accepted, Juan Tambayan is for Philippine-based individuals and businesses only.
  • Not descriptive enough: Ads that do not provide enough detail will be placed on hold or removed as this makes for a bad browsing experience
  • Inappropriate language
  • Inappropriate photo/image
  • Discriminatory on race/religion/nationality/gender / etc
  • Selling body parts / bodily fluids, adoption, or surrogacy
  • Ads that report other fraudulent ads. Please report potentially fraudulent ads via our "Ticket Support" option located within each ad or Contact Us with ad details (ad ID, email address) and reasons why these ads should be reviewed

JuanTambayan offers free advertising to provide quality services and reserves the right to delete all the adverts offending some of the above rules without notice advertiser. For repeated violation of these rules may be blocked from adding advertiser ads permanently.

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