SmartMoney Payment methods are accepted to premium listing.

 PayPal to Premium Items or  Reload your Wallet Account:

Paying by PayPal allows you to pay directly with money from your bank account or credit card. PayPal uses the best commercially-available encryption technology to ensure that your financial information is never shared. 

SmartMoney Transfer:

SmartMoney Account Number :

5299 6748 5134 0118

After you made a payment please send us an email to 

with the FF:

Email Address or Username:

Note: The amount you paid will be credited to your  Wallet Account

How to transfer using SmartMoney

If you are a SMART Money account holder, you can transfer funds to another SMART Money account securely and easily! Please ensure your SMART Money account is linked to your mobile number.


Both sender and recipient will receive a SMS notification with the date and time of the transaction, amount transferred and sender/recipient details

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