St. Peter Agent

St. Peter Agent
Employment Type : Part Time
Minimum Experience : Student (High School)

St. Peter Agent

How to be a St. Peter Agent?
Looking for extra income online?
What are the requirements to become a St. Peter agent?


Agents get paid by commissions and incentives
Commission rate: 40%

St. Peter Agents benefits are:
a. 40% commission for every payment for 1 year.
b. Be the agent of your family’s plan.
c. Sell nationwide & outside the Philippines (abroad)
d. Work as freelance, part time agent (no quota required)


Interested to be a St. Peter Agent?
Kindly TEXT US the answer to the questions below:
1. Do you have a St. Peter Plan under your name?
2. What’s your name?
3. Where’s your city location?
4. Are you willing to have your own plan
5. Can you attend the St. Peter zoom meeting on Wednesday or Saturday at 1:30pm? (Please pick one schedule)


Sample Answer Format:
1. No (or) Yes
2. Juan dela Cruz
3. Quezon City
4. Yes (or) I already have my own plan
5. Yes-Wed 1:30 PM (or) Yes-Sat 1:30 PM


Do you want to be become a St. Peter agent?
Freelance St. Peter Agent
Part time Agent
Freelance Agent
St. Peter Sales Agent


Contact us today:

Smart 09390023442
Globe 09173338193
Viber +639390023442



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