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Who We Are Business Innovators Learning Center Inc., (BILCI) is a training and consultancy provider in the Philippines. BILCI offers globally competitive learning solutions in the academe, government and public sectors, service industries, emerging companies, and various developing groups and organizations that desire to create impact through training. Business Innovators Learning Center Inc., (BILCI) is composed of passionate individuals who are committed, innovative and collaborative about their goals. They pursue to create and provide the right solutions for each customer that are relevant to their respective interest and needs. Vision We want to create a unique niche in the training industry and become a leading provider in professional and career advancement, business, and entrepreneurship skills training. Mission Our mission is to provide learning solutions to address individual and business performance challenges by offering relevant and effective course topics. These learning solutions will improve their knowledge and skills in their chosen profession or career; enhance quality customer relationships; improve sales, elevate leadership and management skills; and propel individuals fulfill their full potential.