Free Seminar 5S Workplace Management System Open to All

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Free Seminar 5S Workplace Management System Open to All

Free Seminar on 5S Workplace Management System Register Now. Open to All. While it is free, you may send and register as much number of employees or executives who will definitely benefit from this free seminar. Resource Person is a DOLE Accredited OSH Practitioner since year 2006.


The 5S Workplace Management System is a methodology derived from lean manufacturing principles, aimed at improving efficiency, safety, and organization in the workplace. It originates from Japan and is named after five Japanese words that all start with the letter 'S.' These principles have been translated into English, also resulting in words starting with 'S.' For the company, understanding the principles of this system spells out improvement in the operations output or productivity.  


The seminar aims to help individuals the practical side of the system that will lead to a less stress free work environment or even domestically at home; and a well managed time or productive time. Note: Prepare the 2 requirements to be uploaded in the registration form: 2 x 2 picture in plain or white background, and 1 government-issued ID or company ID


This Free Seminar is Open to All. 

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5S Workplace Management System

Seminar Schedule. Conducted via Zoom

June 20, Thursday. 9AM-12PM


Seminar is Free

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The Learning and Information that you will get from this free seminar delivered by a DOLE Accredited OSH Practitioner as resource person is FREE indeed. Copy of presentation will not be provided. Participants are encouraged to jot down notes. Video recording the session is prohibited.  


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