Lcm Hirac Training Online Safety Officer 3 Training So3 Dole Training

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  • Lcm Hirac Training Online Safety Officer 3 Training So3 Dole Training
  • Lcm Hirac Training Online Safety Officer 3 Training So3 Dole Training

Online Lcm Hirac Online Training Lcm Training Online Hirac Training Dole Accredited 48 hours training for So3 Safety Officer 3 40-hour Lcm Advanced Osh Training 8-hour Hirac Specialized Osh Training in compliance with Dole Department Order No. 198-18 for Safety Officer 3 in all industries. The schedule is set on December 4, December 6 to 9.


Lcm Hirac Registration Fee. Weekday Schedule 13,000 per head. Weekend Schedule 14,000 per head. For the schedules, if really joining, register now.


Lcm only Registration Fee. Weekday 10,000 per head. Weekend 12,000 per head. clickforsched

Hirac only Registration Fee. Weekday 4,000 per head. Weekend 5,000 per head. clickforsched


Modes of Payment. Deposit to company bank account - Bdo Bpi Metrobank Rcbc. Company Gcash. Palawan. Pay in Quezon City office. We issue Bir Registered Official Receipt.


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4 Ways to Register for Lcm Hirac So3 Training

Click this link  Click the yellow box below  Scan Q R code  Scroll at the bottom to fill out the form


Requirements. proof of payment, 2x2 Id picture in white background, 1 valid government Id or company Id, a screenshot of internet speed test, and Fb. These should be submitted by uploading it to our database. The link or Url where to submit the requirements is provided when you submit your registration form. Here is the link   Please copy this for your use later.


We will email you 1) when we receive your registration form, and  2) when we receive your complete requirements. This is to confirm that your training slot is secured.


For any questions. Call or text  Edward 09566872110 Landline 02-89392728   Ronald 09173126720

Office Address. Room 200, 2nd Floor, Saint Anthony Building, 891 Aurora Boulevard corner Cambridge Street, Cubao, Quezon City. Same building with Bpi Cubao Aurora branch clickformap


Dole Accredited Lcm Hirac Training for Safety Officer 3, Online Lcm Hirac Training for So3 in compliance with Dole Do198-18 which is the Implementing Rules and Regulations of Republic Act No. 11058, An Act Strengthening Compliance with Occupational Safety and Health Standards and Providing Penalties for Violations Thereof. Lcm and Hirac are Dole required advanced and specialized Osh training respectively for safety officer 3 in all industries. Registration includes Q R coded Certificate of Completion, ecopy sent once released, original copy sent free of charge via courier service. Free softcopy of training materials. 


Training Methodology. Lectures, interactive discussions, workshop activities, considering the principle in the adult learning process, to ensure quality training. Resource persons are Dole Accredited Osh Practitioners and Osh Consultants.


Lcm Modules. Review of Administrative Reportorial Reports which must be submitted by Safety Officers to Dole regularly. Philosophy, History and Economics of Lcm. Management Control. Measurement Tools and Management. Environmental Health in the Industry. Property Damage of Waste Control. Stress Management. Accident Investigation. Fire Loss Control. Personal Communication. Planned Inspection and Maintenance. Disaster Management. Emergency Preparedness. Motor Fleet Safety. Role of Safety and Health in Lcm. Planned Job Observation. Security Loss Control. System Safety. Values and Behavioral Dimension in Loss Control. Calculate Frequency Rate and Severity Rate.  




Thank you very much. God bless you, your family, and your company.
God is faithful. Stay safe in His all-powerful hand, unfailing love, and grace.

God is Sovereign. He is in control. Trust God always. Amen


Ronald P o r n o b i
General Manager
Dole Osh Practitioner since 2006
Smart  0918 946 4623


Edward John Aquino

Training Administrator
Globe  0956 687 2110

Viber  0917 312 6720
Landline  02 8939 2728