Lcm So3 Training So3 Pampanga Lcm Training Saturday Sunday Dole

  • Lcm So3 Training So3 Pampanga Lcm Training Saturday Sunday Dole
  • Lcm So3 Training So3 Pampanga Lcm Training Saturday Sunday Dole
  • Lcm So3 Training So3 Pampanga Lcm Training Saturday Sunday Dole
  • Lcm So3 Training So3 Pampanga Lcm Training Saturday Sunday Dole
  • Lcm So3 Training So3 Pampanga Lcm Training Saturday Sunday Dole
  • Lcm So3 Training So3 Pampanga Lcm Training Saturday Sunday Dole
  • Lcm So3 Training So3 Pampanga Lcm Training Saturday Sunday Dole
  • Lcm So3 Training So3 Pampanga Lcm Training Saturday Sunday Dole
  • Lcm So3 Training So3 Pampanga Lcm Training Saturday Sunday Dole
  • Lcm So3 Training So3 Pampanga Lcm Training Saturday Sunday Dole
  • Lcm So3 Training So3 Pampanga Lcm Training Saturday Sunday Dole
  • Lcm So3 Training So3 Pampanga Lcm Training Saturday Sunday Dole

So3 Training in Pampanga on weekends, 2 Saturdays and 2 Sundays. Lcm Training for Safety Officer So3 in Pampanga, San Fernando. Click to Register Here

Loss Control Management Training. Dole Accredited Lcm Training for So3. Organized and Delivered to you by The Group of Companies. Iosh Training Services. Construction Safety. Lcm Training Certificate issued under Dole Accreditation No. 1030-121619- 0075. So3 Training Safety Officer 3 Training Dole Accredited. Lcm Training in San Fernando City, Pampanga. Dole Compliance Ra11058 Do198-18. An Act Strengthening Compliance with Occupational Safety and Health Standards and Providing Penalties for Violations Thereof. Dole Prescribed Safety Officer 3 Training


Our trainers are subject matter experts and dedicated Dole Accredited Trainers, Practitioners and Consultants. The training room and facility is high class. The training venue is very easy to find and accessible from Dolores, St Jude, Lazatin Boulevard, McArthur Highway - San Fernando, Pampanga. We provided you our the location map below.

This is your So3 Training, Lcm Training for Safety Officer 3. Lcm is the So3 or Safety Officer 3 Training for All Industries, this includes your company. Lcm is an advance safety training prescribed by Dole for all Safety Professionals, including Safety Officers, Safety Practitioners, and Safety Consultants. Lcm Training is offered weekly in San Fernando, Pampanga. Lcm Pampanga schedules are confirm even with only 3 participants. 


So3 Training Lcm Training Pampanga Dole Accredited. Lcm So3 Training in San Fernando, Pampanga. Lcm Training in San Fernando City, Pampanga.

Loss Control Management Training. 
Safety Officer Training. Lcm for Safety Officer. Lcm Training in the City of San Fernando, Pampanga. Learn how to control losses due to safety and health concerns in the workplace such as accidents, incidents, injury, property damage. Learn how to compute frequency rate and severity rate as part of your Annual Exposure Data Report which you submit to Dole. Learn how to measure safety performance, and more. Learning does not end. Be a knowledgeable and skilled Safety Officer in 4 days through our Quality Lcm Training. We know your training needs. Lcm Training is Open to All who completed Dole Accredited Bosh Training or Cosh Training. 

Lcm is a 4-day training course required for safety officers, designated as Safety Officer 3 or So3 (based on DO198-18, Ra11058 Irr), that is, for Low Risk Establishments with 251 or more workers; for Medium Risk Establishments with 100 or more workers; and for all High Risk Establishments with 10 or more workers. 


Lcm So3 Training Venue

Unit 101, Ground Floor, A and P Building, Lazatin Boulevard, Dolores, City of San Fernando, Pampanga 

Few minutes walk, 100-meter from Old Philhealth Building, Lazatin Boulevard. Landline 9815682 

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Quezon City Main Office
Unit 200, 2nd Floor, Saint Anthony Building, 891 Aurora Boulevard, Cubao, Quezon City 

Same building of Bpi Cubao-Aurora branch, Aurora Blvd. corner Cambridge Street 

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Do Not Use Googlemap or Waze. It is erroneous. 

It will lead you to Project 3, we are in Cubao


Lcm So3 Training Schedules in Pampanga

Loss Control Management Training for Safety Officer 3 


2 Saturdays and 2 Sundays. Weekends.  Click to Register

April 18-19, 25-26  │ April 25-26, May 2-3  │ May 2-3, 9-10  │ May 9-10, 16-17  │ May 16-17, 23-24


4 days. from Wednesday to Saturday.  Click to Register


April 15-18  │ April 22-25  │  Apr 29-30, May 4-5  │ May 6-9  │  May 13-16  │  May 20-23


Registration Fee

P12,000 per head

Save a Slot

Register and Pay Reservation Fee 4,000 only

Pay balance 8,000 during your training

No Reservation. No Slot. Limited Slot

Registration includes

Certificate of Completion issued on last training day

Training Manual. Lunch. Snacks. Water. Coffee

Free Consultation


How to Pay Fee. Modes of Payment. Cash or Check


1. Bank Deposit. Account Name. iBonrop Occupational Safety and Health Training Services

BDO Savings Acct No. 0000-1028-4788 BPI SA No. 0123-4764-84 Metrobank SA 020-3-020-36720-3
Email deposit slip to or Viber 09173126720  View Bank Details  Download Details


2. Pay in San Fernando, Pampanga office. Monday to Saturday. Saturday by appointment.


3. Pay via Palawan Express to Ronald Pornobi, Quezon City. Pay by Gcash to 09173126720


We issue Official Receipt. 


Lcm Modules. Crisis Management. Critical, Job, Task & Procedures. Defensive and Better Driving. Economics in Loss Control. Environmental Health in Industry. Evaluating Individual Performance. Fire Loss Control. Frequency Rate. Group and Personal Communications. History and Philosophy. Incident Investigation. Management Control. Motor Fleet Safety. Occupational Health and Safety Management System. Planned Inspection. Planned Job Observation. Property Damage and Waste Control. Re-entry Planning / Workshop. Risk Management. Safety Performance Measurement. Severity Rate. Stress Management. Security Loss Control. Time Management. and more

Learn and develop your skills in this module called Measurement Tools for Management. This is the core or meat of Lcm training. This will teach you how to calculate FR or Frequency Rate and SR or Severity Rate so that you can comply fully with your reportorial requirement called Annual Exposure Data Report. Only Lcm graduates know how to do this task. Not all trainers know this.


Why Attend Lcm Training. Lcm training is suggested for all industries including but not limited to manufacturing, retail, services, healthcare, business process outsourcing, call center, poultry, agriculture, real estate developers, financial services, banking, pharmaceuticals, hospitality, construction, mining, recruitment, among others. Lcm is not required for accreditation as Oshp but is a plus points if you have completed it as Dole will consider it an act of good faith to increase your knowledge and skill as safety practitioner.

Having finished Lcm will give you an edge ahead of those who do not have it and you are therefore more qualified for a job as safety officer, local or overseas.

Lcm, why? To comply with your business' client requirements. To qualify for promotion in the company. To perform safety officer duties and responsibilities. To comply with the Philippines' Safety Law. For personal and professional growth. To invest in self education and training. To shift career - from present job to safety. To develop safety curriculum in schools and universities. To follow Dole Osh Standards in the workplace. As part of corporate social responsibility or Csr. To protect lives of people you work with (company) and live for (your family).


You are welcome to join. Lcm is highly suggested to be undertaken by individuals who have completed either Bosh or Cosh. Lcm is advance Osh training. Bosh or Cosh are basics on Osh. However, some business executives are welcome to join if they are interested with the Lcm module on risk management and risk assessment.


God bless you, your family, and your company. Thank you very much.


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Mr. Ronald Pornobi, General Manager

Dole Accredited Osh Practitioner (since 2006)

Dole Accreditation No. 1033-181210-C-524
Globe  0917 312 6720 (Viber)
Smart  0918 946 4623



for San Fernando, Pampanga Trainings
Mr. Jerome Sicat, Training Coordinator

Dole Trained Safety Officer 2
Globe  0916 300 2009 (Viber)

Pldt Landline  (045) 981 5682

for Cubao, Quezon City Trainings
Mr. Edward Aquino, Operations Assistant

Dole Trained Safety Officer 2

Globe  0956 687 2110 (Viber)

Qc Landline  (02) 8939 2728 


Our Quezon City Landline 02-89392728 is currently Out of Order. Pldt has failed up to this time to fix or repair our landline regardless of hundreds of follow-up calls - Pldt Repair Service Reference No. 32164259 - we did (for almost a month now). If you dial 89392728, you will hear ringing  from your handset. The ringing you will hear is a fake ring since we cannot hear the ringing from our end, and therefore we cannot answer your call via our landline. Sorry for this inconvenience caused by Pldt to our valued clients. It is beyond our control.


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